The Value of a Work Ethic Diploma

By Kenny Smith, Solutions Consultant

Workforce is the number one priority on many, if not most, manufacturers' minds these days.  Would you like employees who have a proven record of showing up on time, everyday?  Employees who have already passed a drug screen and have at least a Bronze Level Career Readiness Certificate?  By supporting the Tennessee Work Ethic Diploma, you encourage students to be better equipped with the soft skills necessary to become successful employees.

The TN Work Ethic Diploma is a workforce readiness credential awarded to high school students who meet a set of workforce standards. This distinction is earned by good kids who are ready to join the workforce.  In the 2017-2018 school year, high schools from 17 different school systems within Northeast Tennessee awarded Work Ethic Diploma credentials.

All you have to do to support the initiative is say you’ll guarantee an interview to anyone who has earned it.  Earning this Diploma is not easy, which means you shouldn’t get bombarded with interview candidates.  Please show young, prospective workers you value these traits in your employees by supporting this diploma. 

For more information about the Work Ethic Diploma, please visit or contact Lottie Ryans at