EHS Training: Your Facility or UT CIS'?

When it comes to keeping your team up-to-date on their health and safety training, UT CIS can provide the expertise to keep your employees safe and compliant with state and federal regulations. Our experienced EHS team offers trainings on a variety of health & safety topics as well as environmental management. It doesn't matter if you are a manufacturer, a fire department or a hospital; UT CIS can help you find the right solution for you.

We offer our EHS trainings in two formats: training delivered at your facility at a time of your choosing and scheduled trainings at a UT CIS location. Our scheduled trainings are prescheduled courses offered at UT CIS facilities across the state, and you can see a list of those upcoming trainings HERE.

Our On-Site Trainings are great options for companies that have multiple employees to train and would like our experts to deliver that training at their facility at a time that works best for their schedule. This option also allows for a customized curriculum depending on what that company or facility needs most. 

Whatever you decide, there are no rules regarding the number of employees from one company that can attend a training at a UT CIS facility or at your facility.

If you have questions about what UT CIS solution is best for you, email us today at To learn more about our Health, Safety & Emergency Preparedness offerings, click HERE.


EHS Training


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