Language Services for Manufacturers

Quality interpretation and translation are more than matters of compliance. Discount services often end up costing organizations more – in time, reputation, bids lost, and lawsuits – because the interpreters, translators, or agencies providing services at such a low cost often don’t have the training and experience required to prove high-quality services.

The Tennessee Language Center offers language classes and translation services to Tennessee manufacturers that can help you effectively communicate with your workforce and keep your team safe.

The Tennessee Language Center and the Center for Industrial Services are both agencies of the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service.

English and Foreign Language Classes

The goal of language classes needn’t be fluency to achieve remarkable results. Language classes open the door to intercultural competence, empowering employees to uphold your company’s strong, thoughtful, valuable reputation across cultures and around the world. With custom corporate language classes, we can even provide onsite training to your employees. Plus, offering English classes to non-English speaking employees may lessen the need to provide OSHA or industry-required training in additional languages.

We can also provide industry-focused language classes to address communication barriers between supervisors and their employees.

Interpretation and Translation Services

TLC can provide you with professional translators and interpreters to help you communicate effectively through written translation of documents and in-person or telephonic spoken interpretation services. TLC has served organizations for over 20 years by providing superior linguistic support. Our highest priority is providing reliable and high-quality services to our clients, and our attention to detail sets us apart. TLC can accurately translate required training materials or bring in our interpreters to provide bilingual services to your employees.

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