Infographic: Reshoring and the Pandemic: Bringing Manufacturing Back to America

Reshoring manufacturing back to the United States has been top of mind for many manufacturers, especially in light of the supply chain issues brought on by the pandemic. Proximity to customers and markets, eco-system synergies…

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CONNEX™ TENNESSEE Promo Code: Upgrade by Aug. 31!

  CONNEX™ TENNESSEE is a service that provides companies the ability to search other Tennessee companies to find a potential supplier.  This is especially useful when companies are looking for local alternate suppliers, because…

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Department of Commerce Launches Jobs Quality Toolkit

The new Baldrige Job Quality Toolkit is an easy-to-use tool aimed at small and medium-sized organizations. The toolkit includes a menu of vetted strategies and actions for leaders and their workforces to collaboratively choose…

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Capstone Design Project: FAQs

By Bill Hicks, Region 7 Solutions Consultant Thanks to everyone who has already reached out regarding a Capstone Design Project for this academic year which begins on August 24.  After my last article, I’ve reviewed and accepted…

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Fictiv's 2022 State of Manufacturing Report

Fictiv's 2022 State of Manufacturing Report Finds an Industry Focused on Organizational Transformation in Order to Shore Up Future Growth Earlier this summer, Fictiv, the leader in on-demand, high-quality digital manufacturing,…

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Smooth Sailing: ISE Team Helps Allison Boats Navigate Changing Supply Chain

Senior design projects pair students with a company that has come to the department with a demonstrated need, giving the students real-world engineering experience and the company a solution to its issues.  This year, one such…

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